Our partner clinic

Our partner clinic Instituto Bernabeu in Spain – why did we, Eva-Maria and Volker, choose it? A short experience report.

Instituto Bernabeu was founded by the Bernabeu family at the beginning of the 1980s exclusively by doctors and is still privately run. The focus is solely on the patient – the treatment is individualised according to the patient’s rhythm of life.

Every day, the Bernabeu family fulfils its own aspiration to achieve the best results and guarantee patients comprehensive care at the highest level based on the latest research and modern treatment methods. The Instituto’s services are communicated transparently – there are no surprises. The direct contact persons and the attending physician remain the same throughout the entire treatment. This offers great security and provides a lot of trust, consistency and emotional stability during this exciting time. We had hoped for all of this after our experiences.

The institute conducts research and teaches alongside its medical activities at the University of Alicante and the Miguel Hernández University in Elche.

United to achieve the best results for patients, more than 200 gynaecologists, urologists, geneticists and biologists as well as medical and managerial staff are guided by strict ethical principles exclusively under medical management.

Every healthy baby born spurs the staff on to new peak performances every day.

We, Eva-Maria and Volker, were convinced by the services of Instituto Bernabeu, especially by the analyses that offer security. We have made it our mission to pass on our experience in order to help as many people as possible to fulfil their dearest wish for a baby.