pariendi is wholeheartedly committed to the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation.

The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation supports small, innovative initiatives throughout Germany that directly help children and young people in need and also draws attention to grievances and issues that are not sufficiently recognized in society – to give a voice to those who are otherwise not heard. The aim is to help children and young people in a concrete and sustainable way and to contribute to improving their situation in the long term.

With every booking made, pariendi is involved in selected projects for the benefit of the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation:


When children are born prematurely, they need special support to get them off to a good start in life. Every year, 150-200 children weighing 1,500g are born at the Charité in Berlin, which corresponds to a birth between the 23rd and 32nd week of pregnancy. Of these premature babies, more than 95% survive, but some are expected to have developmental delays, lifelong impairments or severe disabilities.

To support premature babies in their development, the Förderverein für Frühgeborene Kinder an der Charité e.V. offers special music therapy. Music therapy, which is not funded by health insurance companies, can improve the development of motor, cognitive and emotional skills in newborn babies. The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation funded the costs of the music therapist for a year and has been in constant contact with the Charité team ever since to find out about different needs. Actress Collien Ulmen-Fernandes was also able to see the therapy for herself.


Unfortunately, the risk of children from disadvantaged families suffering a serious chronic illness or serious developmental disorders is significantly increased. However, families who need help the most too often fall through the social net because they lack the knowledge or strength to take advantage of the help available. As parents are the most important part of enabling children to develop healthily, the SeeYou Foundation’s Babylots project aims to support young families right from the start and provide initial help where necessary – so that life can succeed even when parents are on their own. Specially trained baby guides support families with their challenges and draw attention to offers of help.

You are welcome to support the projects presented with an immediate donation